wishes-words-and-wanderlust inquired Your photographs are breathtakingly beautiful, and thought provoking, (as are the people in them.) I feel like each one is an entire story, and it is wonderful. I could look at these all day if I had time! Keep up the incredible work. :)

I dont think I’ve ever had such a sweet message before I really appreciate it! Giving me the motivation to go out and shoot today. 

leexhongx inquired Oh my goodness thank you so much for the follow! I adore your blog! Absolutely stunning!!!!!💜💜

No you’re absolutely welcome, and thanks for the appreciative comments. 

thesupposedgoldenpath inquired Thanks for the follow, your photos are very impressive. X

Not at all great blog!

blackforleather inquired thanks for the follow, your photos are outstanding!

No not at all great wee blog you have! 

massjve inquired Wow awesome photos!!

Thank you very much! 

babybleach inquired Your work is gorgeous.

Thank you so much It means a lot!